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Since its inception in 1999, Fargo has provided ​a broad range of geotechnical and materials testing services. Our lab is AASHTO accredited, and our technicians have ACI, NICET, and OSHA certifications as applicable.


Fargo’s professionals take the time to understand each project, to define and develop innovative solutions, and to approach local issues with local expertise.


To learn more about our firm and experience, please contact us at info@dallasfargo.com or call us at (214)-352-4100.

Geotechnical Engineering


A thorough geotechnical investigation helps improve construction quality and results in cost savings for any construction project.  


Fargo offers a wide range of geotechnical and geological expertise during preliminary studies, design phase, and forensic evaluations. These studies represent the core of our practice.


Services Include:


  • Site evaluation

  • Foundation recommendations

  • Mitigation of expansive soils

  • Pavement section design

  • Ground water investigation

  • Slope stability evaluation

    • Mechanically stabilized earth design,     soil nailing, and tie-back structures

  • Evaluation of existing pavement and rehabilitation

  • Evaluation and stabilization methods for high sulfate soils

Construction Materials Testing


Fargo provides a single source for construction observation and materials testing services. Our broad range of expertise will contribute to every aspect of your project.


Fargo offers a streamlined approach to construction observation and testing.  Our experienced staff will work with the project team to ensure an efficient process.


Services Include:


  • Earthwork

  • Fill and backfill

  • Post-tensioned slabs

  • Drilled piers

  • Reinforcing steel

  • Welds inspection


  • Masonry construction

  • Perimeter drain

  • Subgrade injection and modification

  • Concrete and Asphalt observation and testing

  • Floor flatness and levelness

Environmental Services


Fargo provides Phase I Environmental Site Assessment services in conformance with the scope and limitations of ASTM Practice E1527-05.


Services Include:


  • 'Environmental Impact Evaluation' of the site and adjacent properties

  • Evaluation of records of site conditions

  • Reviewing historical site information regarding previous land use

  • Reviewing Federal, State, and Local records relating to the site and surrounding properties

  • Reviewing aerial maps, soil conservation documents and geologic surface characteristics

  • Researching source and disposition of any site-generated wastes

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